Yourserver Hosting Review

Your search for the best offshore hosting continues? Well here’s an addition to your list for your considerations- Yourserver. If you simply need an Offshore hosting solution, this Yourserver review would serve your needs.

However, if it’s an “anonymous” offshore hosting solution you’re looking for you may want to glance at some of our other best anonymous offshore hosting companies.

Why we say that will soon be clear when we answer the following questions:

*The use of “Yourserver” in this Yourserver review doesn’t mean “a server that you own”, rather it indicates the Hosting company “Yourserver”.

Disclaimer: Proceed only after you read, and agree 100% to our Disclaimer.

Yourserver Overview

Yourserver is a registered company in Latvia, it’s a registered Trademark of Nano IT SIA and is completely compliant to all laws and legal requirements. Prime features include: Yourserver Hosting

  • Primary URL:
  • Servers in: Sweden/ Latvia.
  • Payment methods: BTC + Fiats.
  • Cheapest Plan: EUR 5.00/month.
  • Servers: VPS
  • DMCA Ignored: No.
  • Content not allowed: Check AUP Section.

Is Yourserver Hosting Anonymous?

We do pay special attention to the “anonymity” factor. Simply because if you’re searching for offshore locations, the content probably isn’t very traditional or easily acceptable. Isn’t that right?

Being so, it’s best if the hosting company is anonymous in which case you can’t be linked to the content.

Unfortunately, Yourserver doesn’t seem to be flag-bearer for Anonymity. They mention in their T&C that the registration data must be true, accurate and even updated.

They also clearly mention in their Privacy Policy that they do comply with demands made by the Law Enforcement agencies.

And their registration page is powered by WHMCS, in case you don’t know it’s one of the most demanding forms ever. A user’s name, country, address, and contact number need to be provided.

So if the above data has to be true, and they may turn it over to the law, there’s absolutely zero anonymity being provided. There’s no fixed number of days after which the data is auto-deleted either.

Not that it matters after sharing the above data, but it does accept payments via a number of anonymous modes.

If it’s anonymity you seek, I’d advise you to look at our Cyber Bunker Review, or PRQ Review.

What are the Server Locations?

Except anonymity, everything else on this Yourserver review is largely impressive. For e.g. they offer servers not just from one, but two locations:

  • Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Riga, Latvia.

To the best of my knowledge, Sweden is one of the top 3 best choices for offshore servers on the planet. Latvia even though not very common, still is an offshore solution and pretty liberal with its laws.

Their Sweden Servers are located in their own Datacenters, meaning the servers aren’t rented or partnered with a third-party.

The Latvia Datacenters however probably aren’t owned by the company although it wouldn’t make a lot of difference. The location still is offshore.

Which Payment Modes are Accepted on Yourserver Hosting?

As mentioned earlier in this Yourserver review, it does accept Anonymous Cryptocurrency payments.

The accepted Cryptocurrencies are:

  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Payments via Coinsbank.

Considering how the Crypto payments do not add any anonymity in this case, you may wish to go with the traditional fiats. In which case, the payments can be made using:

  • PayPal, WebMoney, LocalBanks, Wire Transfers*

*Wire transfers aren’t automated or do not have an in-built option. They need to be paid manually, and then the company needs a notice via E-mail. Bank transfers are only accepted for Annual orders.

Do Yourserver Servers Perform Good?

While we couldn’t test the servers directly as they route their traffic through Cloudflare, we did get a Speed-Test file.

Unfortunately, none of the provided Speed-Test files work. Neither for Sweden, nor for Latvia. We tried at different times throughout the day as well, without any change in results.

Furthermore, they do provide “Looking Glass” link as well. But then again, those links aren’t functional. We tried and tested via various tools but no results could be yielded.

So in a nutshell, even though a number of resources are provided for speed-tests, none of those work and that’s a major downer.

Which Content is or isn’t Allowed on Yourserver Hosting? (AUP)

The company basically is as legal as possible. Its AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) too is pretty limited and extremely conservative.

It clearly mentions it can only used for “legal” content. No “unlawful” content is allowed.  And this holds true even for “International laws” and not just for the laws of the server-country.

This clearly means you can’t host DMCA or Copyrighted content. However the policy is comparatively liberal. On the first DMCA complaint, the user is simply asked to remove the content.  Even on multiple reports, the user is given ample time to stop similar actions, only lastly is the account suspended.

Some of the content which isn’t allowed include, but not limited to:

  • Child Pornography.
  • Defamatory statements.
  • Embarrassing activities
  • Immoral schemes.
  • Illegal data collecting.
  • SPAM etc.

If you look at the above list, it’s evident it’s pretty vague (“Embarrassing activities/ Immoral activities etc).

Bottomline, it’s one of the most constrictive AUPs ever. Infact if you wish to upload even remotely illegal/immoral content the company isn’t a good fit.

What are the Pricing Plans and Server Types Available?

Yourserver is exclusively a VPS-only company. No Shared or Dedicated servers are available. Three primary plans are available:

If you need bigger plans, three more plans are available for EUR 60.00, EUR 160.00, and EUR 320.00 respectively. The prices primarily differ based on RAM and SSD Storage.

Each server comes with 1Gbps bandwidth, full SSH roots and KVM virtualization.

Does Yourserver Hosting Provide Refunds?

Refunds sure are available however there are specific policies and terms. For starters, refunds are limited to the initial orders and only paid if the orders are cancelled within 10 days of ordering.

Also, 5% of the processing fee is charged from the refund total anyway. Also, payments made using the following modes are non-refundable:

  • Bitcoin
  • Credit Card payments.
  • WebMoney
  • Credit Card payments.

How to Contact Yourserver Hosting Support?

The company doesn’t provide any live-chat or instant support options. The only way to get in touch with them is via E-mail and Tickets.

We’ve personally seen companies such as in our Deltahost Review which provide Live-Chat support. So comparatively, the support isn’t as impressive as those other companies.

Final Words on Yourserver Review

Wrapping this Yourserver review up, I’d say the company is a great solution if you need offshore servers, and for legal content. If it’s something fishy you’re up to, there sure are other options out there but Yourserver isn’t one of them.

The locations are still impressive, and payments anonymous. The registration data is what kills all anonymity. Although the DMCA policy is still flexible and isn’t extremely rigid.

So in my personal opinion, the company deserves a glance. Do drop your comments if you feel the same about the company and this Yourserver review. Sure if you’ve got your own set of opinions, those are welcome as well.