UANode Review

We spend hours (and sometimes days) researching and trying to find the most anonymous, offshore hosting companies. It arose out of our personal need of one such server, and hence these reviews are as unbiased, honest and transparent as is possible. This UANode review is no different.

Our goal in these reviews isn’t to “sell” you these servers/companies. There’s no profit or loss associated for us, depending on your decision of accepting or abandoning these companies.

The prime and probably only goal here is to get you an idea and true-picture of the level of anonymity, content-liberty, offshore benefits, and overall quality that any of these companies bring with themselves.

As always, we’d be addressing the following questions in this UANode review:

UANode Overview

This right here is an overview, a well shipped version of the most crucial details about the company. Each of these features have been discussed in detail in the later sections:

  • Primary URL:
  • Servers in: Ukraine
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin+ Fiats
  • Cheapest Plan: USD $5.00/month.
  • Servers: VPS, Dedicated.
  • Content not allowed: Listed in the AUP section.

Is UANode Anonymous?

Depending on the Registration-policy, the company does seem anonymous. Here’s what the registration form looks like:

Even though it looks intimidating, that’s only because it uses WHMCS as its registration-gateway.

We’ve gone through its T&C, there’s absolute no clause mentioning the registration data needing to be true or correct.

Furthermore, there’s no Privacy Policy on the site indicating that they probably do not collect any personal information either. They also have a “Privacy enhanced” logo/seal on their site which further backs what we just said.

The company provides contact options such as Telegram, Discord etc. which too are pretty anonymous in their own ways.

The payment modes are anonymous as well making it a pretty Anonymous Hosting company overall.

Is UANode Offshore?

Offshore simply means a company which provides servers from a country different than from where you’re based off.

Going by that definition, UANode is an offshore anonymous hosting company for all those who aren’t residents of Ukraine.

The liberty that comes with being based in Ukraine is totally reflected in its AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) as well.

There are no additional server locations available from the company as of now.

What Content Can or Can’t be Uploaded on UANode? (AUP)

In my personal opinion, the AUP with UANode is as liberal as one can expect from a company which doesn’t overstep the legal boundaries.

It has a very short and definite list of content which isn’t allowed, the list includes:

  • Child Porn
  • Viruses
  • Other content disturbing/harming others.
  • DDoS
  • Anything illegal in Ukraine.

It’s one of the few companies which actually has mentioned that anything “not included” in this list is allowed. That’s a major and bold statement which is lacking on even some of the most liberal offshore hosting companies.

This further establishes the fact that the company is only bound by Ukranian laws. Most other similar companies out there like to implement “global laws” which isn’t as liberal.

As far as DMCA goes, the AUP doesn’t state that copyrighted content isn’t allowed so it may be a possibility as well.

Bottomline, the company is extremely liberal and allows almost anything which you may wish to host (as long as it’s largely legal).

How can you Pay on UANode?

In the Anonymity section of this UANode review we mentioned the company being open to anonymous payments.

What we meant by that is that the company accepts not only Fiats, but also Cryptocurrency payments.

However Cryptocurrency payments are limited to :

  • Bitcoin only.

Fiats have a longer list of accepted modes such as

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex etc.

Sure the Cryptocurrency list isn’t as extensive as the one seen in our RackNation Review, and it doesn’t support Gold, Silver payments either as we mentioned in our Katz Global Review, but it still sure is anonymous.

Is UANode Server Quality Good?

Every company claims of  being the best server provider, but we don’t take their words for it.

We’d be running three different tests on the UANode servers to test:

  • Its Load-Time.
  • Its Server Response Time. (SRT)
  • Its SRT under Duress.

We’d be testing to get a rough idea of the server’s performance.


In this Google Webmaster Video, it’s stated that “less than 2 seconds” is the time Google seeks from e-commerce websites.

That clearly means that simpler webpages and websites (which are less complicated and weigh much less) need to load a lot faster.

So, the UANode page weighs just 547.4KB, and it required (the fastest result) 393ms to be loaded from Germany. (Verify)

North America followed with 867ms requirement, although other locations such as Australia and Brazil demanded 6+ and 5+ seconds respectively.

While this is mostly impressive, the data isn’t absolute. The tested website was far too simple for conclusive data so let’s get some more results in.

Server Load-Time (SRT)

The SRT impacts a page’s load-time and the overall speed in big ways. It too in return is effected not just by the individual elements on a website but many other aspects  of the server itself.

This test will tell us if the load-time was individualistic and isolated to the website being tested. Or, the performance can be expected from the server for other sites in general as well.

Here’s how fast the server responds from various locations on the globe to a browser’s request (Verify results):

Even BitCatcha agrees, the SRT was pretty impressive. An average SRT of less than 30ms was required for most locations, Canada and Germany setting the bar extremely high with just 2ms SRTs!

Results this good aren’t common unless you go through our Lalek Hosted Review, or HostSailor Review among a handful others.

SRT Under Duress

The numbers above  are impressive, agreed. But will they still be the same when there’s a heavy demand of server resources from multiple live visitors on a website?

Here are the test results for the same (verify):

Now the server does seem to react a bit aggressively with 25 live visitors on the website.  The average SRT was found to be 56ms.

This test was conducted from Ashburn, U.S a location for which the results should’ve been slightly better based on its SRT test earlier.

Either way, these are still acceptable and even impressive to some extent.

Does UANode Provide Support?

A crucial aspect we consider before choosing a hosting company is its “support”. The support team can be contacted via Discord, Telegram, XMPP, E-mail and Tickets.

We tried Telegram and the support isn’t exactly 24X7. But in case of Tickets, most tickets get answered within, or in less than 3-4 hours.

Also, the support is provided not just in English but also in Russian which is a relief for those who speak and/or understand Russian.

What are the Available Server Types and Costs?

This being the last section of this UANode review, let’s talk in brief about what you can purchase on the platform.

It doesn’t sell Shared servers. So if you’re an extreme beginner and are only looking for a bit more anonymity and liberty, you should glance at our best offshore anonymous hosting company reviews.

VPS and Dedicated servers are available. Although beware, their stocks are pretty limited and quite often the Dedicated Servers are out of stock.

VPS Plans start at USD $5.00 and go upto USD $30.00. Dedicated plans have a starting price of USD $58.00/month and the most expensive plan costs USD $138.00/month.

We did have some trouble trying to place an order, for some reason the plans/server links on the top-bar don’t work if clicked on from any other page except the homepage.

Final Verdict

Wrapping this UANode review up, we can say that there are almost no red flags in terms of anonymity or privacy.

Parallel to the same standards, the AUP too is pretty liberal and allows almost everything that’s legal even in a broader sense.

The pricing plans aren’t extremely cheap, but aren’t irrationally priced either. So all in all, there aren’t many reasons for someone to “not” try the company.

That’s enough of me. I request you to lay out more of you guys on this website and let us know if you think this UANode review was fair, transparent and also your thoughts about the company in general.