PRQ Hosting Review

Searching for best anonymous offshore hosting companies? This PRQ Hosting Review should get you atleast one more option to glance at.

Note that this isn’t just a PRQ Hosting Review, rather a review of PRQ from an “anonymity” perspective. Even though we’d test all of its features as a hosting company, the level of anonymity it can provide would be the shadowing factor.

Why so? Well, the prime reason why we search for offshore servers is so we can host content that’s not legal or ethical in our own countries. Hence, even though the offshore servers make it legal or acceptable to host such content, keeping our identities safe and anonymous still is a major requirement, isn’t it?

PRQ Overview

Before detailing each feature of the company and carving out its Pros and Cons, let’s outline the primary features the company bestows us with:

  • Primary URL:
  • Servers in: Sweden
  • Payment methods: Crypto+Fiats (No PayPal).
  • Cheapest Plan: EUR 10.00/month.
  • Servers: RPi, Dedicated, Web Hosting.
  • Content not allowed: Listed in the AUP section.

Note that PRQ’s website is extremely basic, and doesn’t consist of any fancy images, promotions, sliders, banners etc. It’s a text-only site, which only focuses on getting the job done.

Server location

You’re definitely looking for something offshore, hence the location of the servers too is something we’d pay attention to.

The PRQ servers are located in Sweden. Sweden as is universally known as one of the safest, most liberal nations when it comes to financial or digital laws.

This clearly effects PRQ’s AUP policy as will be clear in the AUP section.


As mentioned above, Anonymity is one of the prime factors I look for in these companies.

It mentions its “Discreet Customer Relations Policy”, which states that even the company has no idea who a customer is. Hence it means that the company wouldn’t ask for any personal data, neither at registration nor at a later time.

And, in case they do get information on a user’s real idea, it’s clearly stated that it would be kept strictly confidential. Hence as far as “identity” of a user or registrations go, it’s pretty anonymous. They clearly state “We defend your integrity to the end.”.

And when it comes to Payments as well, it has a very unique policy which promotes anonymity (More details in the Payments section).

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

This is PRQ’s one of the most appealing features. Most other companies we generally go with have a long list of content which is, or isn’t allowed on their servers.

Not PRQ. It clearly states that “If it’s legal in Sweden” they’ll host it. Even though it doesn’t make it as liberal as Cyberbunker or LolekHosted it’s still quite acceptable.

It has termed itself “Refugee Hosting”, indicating users who’ve been banned or restricted on other companies may use it a refuge.

They also state that they’ll keep the content online regardless of any external pressure. This is unique considering how most companies have a “govt-compliance” policy and give way under govt. pressure.

Then it also markets itself as a “Free Speech Heaven”, hence Political/controversial content too is allowed which isn’t an everyday encounter.

Obviously content like Child Porn, Terrorism and other such extremities is still banned. They also have stated a “Zero tolerance policy against Spam and other related services”. PRQ can’t be used for Military purposes either.

Additionally, the following content can’t be hosted on its SHELL service:

  • VPN Tunnels / Tor
  • Proxy server
  • Chat Servers.
  • Game servers
  • Streaming servers
  • Torrent tracker
  • DCP (Folding@Home, SETI@Home, etc)

Payment Methods

The next aspect we look into is the Payment Methods which can be used to purchase service(s) from PRQ.

As mentioned in the earlier sections of this PRQ Hosting Review, it has a pretty unique payment policy. It doesn’t accept PayPal payments for anonymity reasons!

Fiat payments in general however are supported, along with Cryptocurrencies. The entire list of payment methods includes:

  • Bitcoin
  • Cash
  • Visa /Master Cards.
  • Wires
  • Bankgiro

While Bitcoin would seal your anonymity, fiat modes allow for easier and simpler options; the choice is yours.

Page Load-Time Test

The policies above may all sound like sweet candies, but it’s the technical performance of a company controlled by its Software and Hardware that finally effects website owners and visitors, isn’t it?

So we’d start with the server’s Page Load-time test. This is how long a website takes to load, plain and simple. A website comprises of many elements, the HTML being the primary in most cases, then the scripts (CSS, Java etc)., third-party plugins and what not.

The time taken to load it all up and display the complete page is what the page load-time test is.

The fastest page load-time we got from PRQ was 307 ms from Europe-London (Verify Result). Even from Germany it only required 314ms of load-time!

The speed got slower as we moved out of European regions, it went upto 1.53ms for North America and 2.71ms for Japan.

Although note that this test only establishes the load-time for the individual website we tested, which was PRQ’s homepage.

The homepage as you may have noticed is extremely basic, and hence it only weighed 11Kb!

This isn’t a practical size for most normal websites. So we’d move on to another test which is less-dependent on the individual page’s contents and more on the server quality.

Server Response Time (SRT) Test

The above test can’t be trusted to get us a fair and universal insight into a hosting company’s performance as it’s dependent on each individual website.

The server response time test however measures the time a server needs, to respond to a browser’s request, to load the HTML of a page.

Here are the test results from PRQ’s SRT test (Verify Results):

This test was pretty enlightening. As is evident, the SRT result isn’t impressive and is rather barely average from my perspective.

The servers have a combined response-time-average of over 200ms, while we’ve seen quite a few companies with lower than 50ms response times.

This establishes the fact that, the page load-time test above was impressive only because PRQ’s website is lightweight.

SRT with Traffic-Surge

The above SRT, even though wasn’t impressive by itself, was monitored on a stable, no-traffic website.

This test aims to put the website through a traffic-surge, nothing major just a 25-user traffic swarm to the website.

If the SRT doesn’t fluctuate much, or skyrocket through the roof it would indicate an  acceptable performance, otherwise not so much.

Here are the results (Verify):

This arguably is the straightest graph I’ve ever seen in all my tests so far. The SRT-line starts with a response-time of 104 ms with 1 active user on the site, and finishes at 102 ms required for 24 active users.

This tells us that the SRT doesn’t spike with a traffic-surge, and also backs up the above test results (SRT test) to be true.

Servers, Pricing Plans and Special T&C

The company offers 3 Primary types of servers – Raspberry Pi, Web Servers, and Dedicated Servers.

There is just one Web server package, which is priced at 0.00242 BTC. It provides for 1GB space, Unlimited domains and 30 GB/month transfer.

Raspberry Pi servers have two packages, RPI Dedicated starts at 0.00354 BTC and RPI Co-location is sold for 0.00335 BTC/month.

Dedicated servers start at 0.02866 BTC/month going all the way upto 0.14756 BTC/month.

The company doesn’t have an automated order/dispatch process. So users have to manually E-mail the company at the provided E-mail address, with the product requirement to make the purchases.

Special Terms and Conditions

PRQ has a number of special T&C which I believe warrant a mention in this PRQ Hosting review.

  1. More than 750 concurrent visitors aren’t allowed on normal servers and in such a case Dedicated server is required.
  2. 20% discount is provided on all plans if paid for 12-month in advance.
  3. 10% off on all 6-month advance payments.
  4. Dedicated servers need to be paid for atleast 1 month in advance.

Final Words

Signing off this PRQ Hosting review, all I can  say is the company is quite anonymous and extensively liberal with its AUP. The plans may however aren’t exactly pocket-friendly.

As for security, the claim having anti-DDOS servers. Backups too are claimed to be taken automatically however they aren’t guaranteed.

Bottomline, it’s for smaller websites whose prime focus is identity-protection and quality servers, and when budget isn’t a major issue.

Although do let us know what you think of this PRQ Hosting review, and about the company in general?