Pro Managed Hosting Review

Po-Managed hosting provider is the subject of this Pro Managed Hosting Review. On the face-value, the company looks quite professional and trustworthy so we decided to give it a try.

Fair warning though, the company isn’t exactly for absolute beginners or those looking for a pocket-friendly and cheap offshore hosting company. (Refer to the Pricing Plans and Packages section for details).

It’s extremely secure, although has quite a few technical restrictions (refer to the AUP section).

But it does seem promising and liberal with its content and anonymity policies, that’s the reason why this Pro Managed Hosting Review is being scribbled down today.

The questions we’d address in this Pro Managed Hosting Review are:

Pro-Managed Overview

Before heading deeper into the jungle, here’s a campfire story detailing all the major features and aspects the company brings with itself:

  • Primary URL :
  • Servers in : Russia (Belize) /Germany.
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin + Fiat methods.
  • Cheapest Plan: USD $67.00/month.
  • Servers: Shared, Dedicated.
  • DMCA Ignored: No.
  • Content not allowed : Refer to AUP section.

Is Pro-Managed Anonymous?

Yes, Pro-Managed nails the anonymity factors not only during its registration, but also payments.

This is the registration form that’s required to be filled during registration:

It may look a very intimate and privacy-breaching form, but there’s good news. Any data required here such as the “First Name/ Last Name” etc. doesn’t have to be a user’s real credentials, and they can be anything random. (Confirmed by the support staff).

As for payment anonymity, it does accept Cryptocurrencies among other payment methods which keeps the payment-trail cold as well.

Is Pro-Managed OffShore Hosting?

Do you live in Russia, Germany or Belize? If you answered no, then Pro-Manage is indeed offshore for you.

The above mentioned locations are where the servers are provided from. However. the company has basic differences in its structure as compared to other offshore hosting companies.

The Russian servers are  indeed located in Russia, but the IPs are registered in Belize.

What Content is Not Allowed on Pro-Managed? (AUP)

Pro Managed doesn’t have a specific AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) on its site. During our research for this Pro Managed Hosting Review, we discovered some of the content not allowed on the servers are:

  • Drugs
  • Porn (including Legal Porn).
  • Carding forums
  • Phishing website
  • Mass mailing.
  • Any website red-flagged by

The list above seems pretty acceptable and it bans most content which is illegal. However “Porn” of any kind isn’t allowed which may be a bummer if you’re looking to host legal porn.

Additionally, the site also doesn’t allow or prefer users to host any:

  • Streaming
  • Download-based websites.

In other words, you can’t have a video streaming site or a site offering any kind of downloads .It claims its site protection doesn’t allow those two functions on a site.

Download sites are “allowed” but not recommended and they pre-notify a user that the download site will face problems for most file downloads if not extremely small in size.

The DMCA policy isn’t flexible, and the company takes action against all DMCA complaints.

As for applicable laws, there are companies such as the one mentioned in our Innova Hosting review which are subject to Global Laws, fortunately Pro-Managed is slightly more liberal.

It’s subjected only to the laws of the Russian Federation, and Belize. If any content is legal in these two categories, it’ll be allowed on the servers.

What are the Payment Modes Accepted on Pro-Managed?

All of our Anonymous Offshore Hosting reviews  have the one common aspect of accepting Bitcoin, or any other Cryptocurrency. If they don’t they probably aren’t anonymous and aren’t fit for you folks.

The same holds true in this case as well, Pro-Managed does accept Bitcoin. Even though no other Cryptocurrency is accepted, Bitcoin alone is pretty anonymous by nature.

Apart from the Crypto payments, if you’d like to take the easier route, fiat payments can be made via:

  • Credit Cards, Web Money, Qiwi, PayPal, Yandex.

Are Pro-Managed Servers Fast?

We believe in transparent, verifiable data. So we wouldn’t be saying if it is or isn’t fast. Rather we’d test the company for various metrics, and then lay that data out for you folks.

All of the data can be independently verified using the result-page links shared alongside the data.

These tests would be conducted on, which we did confirm to be hosted on the company’s own servers.

Load-Time Test

How long does a page which weighs 4.3MB in size take to load on Pro-Managed from various locations across the globe? That’s what this test is all about.

Out of all the locations we tested the server from, Germany performed the best (obviously) and the page loaded within 1.55 seconds (verify). Anything below 2 seconds is a green light for me.

London too only demanded 1.97 of load-time. Although USA and Australia both needed 5.89seconds and 8.66 seconds of load-time respectively.

Keeping the page-size in mind, the speed can be accepted even though it’s not an instant deal-maker.

Server Response Time Test (SRT)

If the server responds slow, regardless of the individual page’s weight, optimization and other metrics the page will load slower, or vice-versa.

How long does the Pro-Managed server take to respond to browser requests? Here are the answers (verify):

As is evident, the fastest response time was obtained from Germany and that too was 47ms which by itself isn’t a very good number. As for the other locations, the SRT averaged nearly 200ms.

These numbers are definitely not “impressive”. For impressive digits, you may refer to our UANode Review, or Lalek Hosted Review. These however are somewhat acceptable.

Server Response Time with Traffic-Spike

The speed so far may not be mind-boggling, but it’s not utter disappointment either. This test verifies if the same level of performance can be maintained by the server with a traffic-spike, or does it nose-dive?

Here’s what happens to the server when we send 25 virtual users (in a queue) to the site gradually over 3 minutes (verify):

The results did confuse me. For the first half, upto 12 users the site’s performance was parallel to its SRT-tests above.

Although after that the SRT-requirement suddenly came down to single digits, and even with 20+ active V.Us only required 5-10ms.

In a nutshell, I’d say the speed performance of the company is not  a complete deal-breaker.

How to Contact Pro-Managed Support?

The one aspect which Pro-Managed managed to nail is its support. Among many other available options, the team can be contacted over live-chat.

The live-chat is live for real (meaning it actually works) and even though isn’t always very fast, the speed is acceptable for the most part.

Apart from that, a number of other anonymous ways to contact the team include Telegram, Skype, E-mail, ICQ and Jabber.

If you’d rather not care about anonymity, you can also get to them using a phone number! So in a nutshell, the support indeed is impressive.

The site too is available in English, as well as in Russian making sure language is not a barrier for non-Russian visitors.

What are Pro-Managed Hosting Plans and their Prices?

Pro-Managed provides only Dedicated, and Shared Hosting. VPS servers aren’t available for now.

Although the servers are customized and not exactly the traditional servers that we expect from other similar companies.

For e.g. the shared servers have a mandatory DDoS/Proxy protection attached. The servers can’t be purchased without them. And hence, the shared plans cost USD$67.00/month and USD $115.00/month individually.

The pricing of its shared servers is why we mentioned the company not exactly being “pocket-friendly” in the introductory section of this Pro Managed Hosting Review.

As for the Dedicated servers, they start at USD $240.00/month, and go upto USD $420.00/month.

Final Verdict

If I’ve to sum this Pro Managed Hosting Review in three words, I’d say- Anonymous, Expensive, Okay.

The anonymity is impressive, but the price-tag it comes with, as well as the other features of the server in my opinion are probably not justified.

But who cares what I think? I may be completely wrong and that is why I invite you to let us know your thoughts on this Pro Managed Hosting Review. Also,  would you go with the company? Drop your agreement or rejection reasons in the comments if you’d like?