Orange Anonymous Web Hosting Review

Orange Website is the anonymous offshore hosting company we’ll be dissecting to its core throughout this Orange website review today.

As is the case with all our hosting reviews, we’ll talk not just about the surface look-&-feel of the company, but also technical aspects which we as a customer would want to know before going with any said company.

A Shocking truth about its speed-test website has been revealed in the “Speed” section, do read through!

Factors We’ll Look Into

Note that the prime focal point of this review is that the company in discussion is an “offshore, anonymous web hosting company” and all the tests and comparisons throughout this Orange website review are carried out from that perspective.

The factors which we’ll pay most attention to are:

  • Anonymity: The anonymity provided to the consumers right from registrations, to payment and for the complete duration of using the platform.
  • Payment Methods: The acceptance (or rejection) of Cryptocurrencies, the number of such currencies accepted along with fiats.
  • Locations: Being “offshore” companies the locations where these companies are based out of, and the countries they provide servers from are important.
  • Speed: Speed without doubt is one of the primary aspects we (should) look into before deciding our future with a hosting company .
  • Uptime: The average time the server stays online without going down.
  • Security features: The storage technology, DDoS protection, and other such firewalls offered (if any).
  • Pricing Plans.

Orange Website Overview

Before we deep dive into this Orange website review, here’s an overview of the platform which should help you get an eagle’s-eye view on what the platform offers:

  • Primary URL:
  • Servers in: Iceland
  • Payment methods: Both CryptoCurrencies as well as Fiats.
  • Cheapest Plan: EUR 3.40/month.
  • Servers: VPS/Dedicated/Shared.
  • DMCA Compliant: No.
  • Content not allowed: Anything illegal under Icelandic Laws.
  • Uptime: 99.9%

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A point worth mentioning is Orange Website is a “Green company”, meaning all of the energy it uses is renewable and this helps prevent adverse effects on the climate.

Offshore Location

The first question anyone would ask when searching for anonymous offshore hosting services is, is it offshore? That depends on where you’re based off. As for Orange Website it’s based out of Reykjavik, Iceland, so as long as you’re not from Iceland it’s offshore for you.

Iceland is a country which advocates freedom of speech, and so does Orange Website, also according to the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative  the country has become a “Journalistic Safe heaven” (Wikipedia) which offers a lot more liberty when it comes to opinion and expression of thoughts and information.


The company pays special attention to user anonymity, for starters it allows for 100% anonymous registrations, the only detail asked for is an E-mail ID, no personally identifiable piece of information is required.

The E-mail ID itself can be anonymous (if you use services like ProtonMail) and hence there’s absolutely zero personal data which can be linked back to your real-life.

Then the payments can be made using Bitcoins (among other options), hence this too can’t be linked to you in person keeping your complete existence on Orange Website as anonymous as possible.

Although a major peace of mind for me personally was its Anti-NSA policy. NSA as may be known to some used to (and still does) tap almost all calls, phones, messages, E-mails and what not with co-operation from major companies such as AT&T (proof)and a dozen more.

Orange Website doesn’t co-operate with this illegal privacy breach and promises to never co-operate not only with NSA, but any other third-party as well. It also has a policy of intimating the users if any complaint, or information about them has been requested by any third-party.

Bottomline? It’s arguably the most anonymity-respecting offshore hosting company we’ve ever crossed paths with.


The second most important factor that comes into consideration when deciding which hosting company to go with, is speed. Why?

Nearly 80% web users say they won’t return to a site if the load time is too slow. 47% of users want or expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds! And 40% of your traffic will simply hit the back button if it took more than 3 seconds to load up! (Source:

While going for the speed tests, we found out a major bit of misleading information on the site, the F.A.Q has provided this website – for speed tests.

The provided website however redirects to FACEBOOK! Hence the speed test results aren’t honest for that URL!

So we decided to get our speed test done on the homepage – The Pingdom test brought back this result

As is evident the speed isn’t slow, but anything above 2 seconds isn’t impressive either so I’ll stick to my reservations about its speed atleast till more information about this can be acquired.

Download Speed

Apart from the browsing speed, or load-time another aspect associated with a website’s speed is its download speed, the speed it offers users when content is downloaded off their sites.

The download speed I got was an average of 1.5Mbps! Considering my normal Internet speed I’d say despite being offshore the download speed blew my mind off; 1Mbps even on native servers is one of the rarest sights for me.

Server Response Time

This is the “more information” we talked about in the above section. Server Response Time is the time the server requires to respond to a browser’s request for the site. This directly effects the website speed.

The SRT for Orange Website was found to be fastest for  London with 113ms, while it was significantly higher for San Paulo and Japan with 1296ms and 1432ms respectively; hence resulting in slower load times for those locations.

Combining the speed recorded in the “Speed” section of this Orange Website review and the server response time we just witnessed it can be said that the load-speed with the company isn’t super-fast although it’s acceptable.

Real-Time Traffic Spike Analysis

The speed seemed acceptable for now, on the no-traffic or low-traffic webpage that we tested. How about when the traffic spikes? Will the Orange Website servers still respond equally fast?

For that test we send some virtual users to the website and then monitor the site’s behaviour and changes.

In the above screenshot, the blue line depicts the Response time, and as is evident its pretty unstable initially when the number of virtual users is actually less, and then becomes more stable and constant as the number of users increases.

The first VU recorded a response time of 1.6seconds! Although it became constant at an average of 130ms for later VUs all the way upto 24Virtual Users.  Hence it can be concluded that a spike in traffic won’t slow the site down.

Security Features

Apart from being anonymous, and based off an offshore location the company also provides direct security features for its customers.

2-Factor authentication is one of those firewalls, although note that enabling this would require a cell phone number which would bury your anonymity in the ground; but if you choose security over anonymity the option is made available.

The Control Panel and E-mails on the server are encrypted with 256-bit military grade encryption. And there also is a DDoS protection system in place for attacks as large as 250Gbps.

In a nutshell, security doesn’t seem to be an issue with Orange Website.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

One of the prime reasons why people search for Offshore hosting companies is because the type of content they’re trying to upload may either be illegal, or controlled/ controversial in their own countries.

The AUP is what lists all the “can and cant’s” of content upload when it comes to a hosting company.

The major green light for me personally with Orange Website is it doesn’t respond to DMCA notices! Meaning copyrighted content too can be uploaded on the servers!

Although the list of content which can’t be uploaded include:

  • Child Porn
  • Spam
  • Terrorism
  • Scam
  • And Phishing.

Also, it only abides by the Icelandic laws, hence anything illegal in Iceland isn’t allowed but the laws or legalities of any other country aren’t applicable.

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Being offshore, support matters a lot considering how there may be complaints, problems, notices or even basic server issues that you need help with.

The support time “claimed” by the company is less than an hour, although only E-mail and Contact form support could be found, while rival companies were found offering support via Phone, Telegram, Skype and even Facebook Messenger!

So comparatively the support methods aren’t as impressive, the time however in our personal experience isn’t as fast as they claim but is fast enough and doesn’t take longer than 24 hours at best.

Pricing Plans

The company sells everything include Shared, VPS as well as Dedicated servers. Shared servers start at EUR 3.40/month and go all the way upto EUR 24.90/month.

VPS Plans have a Level-based package system, Level 1 plans cost EUR 29.90/month, while level 7 plans cost  EUR 239.90/month.

The VPS plans do provide full root access, however adding cPanel to a VPS costs an extra EUR 14.90/month.

Dedicated servers have a starting price of EUR 199.00/month, while they may burn a hole as large as EUR 349.00/month in your pockets.

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Payment Methods

The final aspect of this Orange website review is the payment methods it accepts. As already mentioned the company does accept Cryptocurrencies which promotes anonymity, the complete list includes:

  • Bitcoin
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfers
  • Cash by Mail.
  • CoinPayments (for Altcoins).

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Final Words on Orange Website Review

Let’s drop the pen on this Orange Website review; so far we talked about its anonymity policy, speed, locations, AUP and everything in between.

My final verdict on the platform is, it’s almost impressive with its Non-DMCA and Anti-NSA policies, download speed and the pricing plans too seem well balanced with the features, the only slight hiccup is with the load-speed, which too is acceptable, just not impressive.

Anyway enough of my opinions and verdicts, do drop yours about this Orange Website review as well as the company in general in the comments.