LolekHosted Review – 100% Privacy Anonymous Hosting!

Not everyday do I come across companies as public and vocal about them being “anonymous and private”. Most companies are subtle about it, and still aren’t 100% liberal or anonymous. Well, LolekHosted seeks to change that and that’s what this LolekHosted review is about.

Unlike most reviews on the internet today, this review won’t be “biased” or “sponsored”. Rather, it’ll be from a critical perspective and completely transparent. At no time shall I vouch for or against the company, simply a feature-mirror is what this will be.

Our primary goal throughout this LolekHosted review would be to bring out, or analyze the “anonymity” it can offer, along with technical capabilities such as Speed, Security etc.

LolekHosted Overview

You as a reader may not always have the time to go through the fine-print, well you don’t have to. Here’s an outline of the company listing all of its primary features:

The company claims to be 10 years old, although the domain currently in use was registered in 2014. It however is a possibility that they’ve migrated from an older domain.

“Anonymous” Offshore Location

The company takes every word of “Anonymous Offshore Hosting” seriously, as a result the exact location of their servers isn’t revealed.

They simply have stated that the servers are based in Europe. They own their own Datacenter as well (meaning no third-party rentals are involved).

It’ll be offshore for anyone not residing in Europe. However, not knowing the exact country of the servers isn’t a problem either (Please refer to the AUP Section for details).


This is the driving factor for this LolekHosted review. Yes, the company is extremely anonymous (probably the second-best after CyberBunker).

Their tagline says- “100% privacy anonymous hosting!” Which hints at the fact that none of your registration data (Name, Address etc). has to be true. It probably can be anything random and false.

Then it accepts Cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment as well which are the most anonymous form of digital payment as we know today.

We couldn’t even find a “Terms and Conditions” page which generally is used to breach privacy and ask for personal details, and/or prohibit content citing dubious clauses from it further making it a preferable choice.

AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)

This by far is one of the strongest factors which makes or breaks my personal decision of going or not going with a company.

The AUP is what lists the kind of content allowed/not allowed on a specific hosting server.

Well, there is no AUP on Lolekhosted. They simply have stated- “YOU CAN HOST EVERYTHING EXCEPT CHILD PORN”.

This is one of the reasons I said that “country” of the servers needn’t be known for content-purposes. As regardless of your country laws, the company allows hosting of everything as long as it’s not CP.

The above statement also essentially allows Bots, Mailers, Port Scanners, Tor Relays, Porn  and other such controversial content which aren’t allowed on majority of the Anonymous offshore hosting servers either.

DMCA complaints too seem to be ignored, first because of the AUP statement, and secondly because it also states -“NEVER RECEIVE ABUSE COMPLAINT”. Which may mean that it doesn’t pay heed to complaints regarding copyrights (unless they’re from a govt. agency).

Payment Methods

Payments done via Fiat currencies (Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Bank transfers/PayPal etc). aren’t exactly anonymous.

To avoid this exact  trace and link between the user and their payments, Lolek Hosted supports Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin is what’s used to buy/sell goods on the DarkWeb hence “anonymity” is kind of its strong-suit.

Additionally, DASH and LSK too are accepted modes of payments.

Although it doesn’t seem to accept Credit/Debit cards, and the only other ways a user can pay except Bitcoin are:

  • PayPal
  • Perfect Money.

Quality and Performance

The company claims to have a 100 GBIT NETWORK. If that is true, the servers most probably won’t be cluttered and each individual/group would get sufficient resources.

Apart from that, Website speed is of prime importance when it comes to choosing a company. In the next sections of this LolekHosted review, we’d conduct the following speed tests:

  • Page load time Test.
  • Server response time test
  • SRT with spiked traffic.

Page Load Time Test

As the name probably makes clear, this gauges the time required to load the page, plain and simple.

When we arrive as a user on a website, this is how we judge the speed of the website without getting into the technical aspects.

That’s so because this basically is the overall time required for the page to be loaded in its entirety, the sliders, images, popups and everything else which define the “website” to the user.

To test the load-time required by LolekHosted servers, we tested their homepage ( from a number of different locations.

The best (fastest) load-time result was from Europe having a load-time of 226 ms (Verify).

The test from Asia, one of the generally slowest-result yielding regions too yielded impressive results, that of 509 ms! North America had a 776 ms load-time and finally South America was the slowest and loaded in 1.06 seconds.

I’d personally like to mention that this by far is one of the most impressive load-time results, for all the regions individually.

Although this result is isolated to the specific website being tested. Hence it can’t be used as a universal measure for LolekHosted’s performance.

Server Response Time

This test isn’t exclusively dependent on the “website” and its contents. Rather, it takes into account the server’s performance (Network and Hardware).

It’s the time required by the server to respond to a browser’s request to load a page. In other words, the HTML of the website is loaded first, and then the HTML dictates what other elements need loading.

Hence, this test captures the time required to load the HTML of a website. The faster the server responds, the faster the HTML is loaded, which in turn impacts the speed of the other elements (CSS, JavaScript, Images etc). being loaded.

Here’s the SRT result for LolekHosted (Verify):

As is evident, the results are more than impressive.  The fastest response time is just 2 ms, and it’s repetitive. As in, it’s 2 ms for US, Japan as well as Germany.

This hints at the fact that the server does cover ASIA as well and hence Asian audience won’t experience slower speeds as is generally the case.

The other regions too require 8-10ms on an average which is beyond any expectations I ever had.

Server Response Time with Spiked Traffic

The above tests did impress me. However, there’s one last test I’d like to conduct. What if there’s a traffic-surge on the website? Can the server still respond with the same speed and not get bogged down by the resource-requirements?

That’s what this test would let us peek into. So we sent a number of Virtual Users on the website.

Here are the results from the test which lasted 3 minutes to be exact:

The Response-time line (Navy Blue) is mostly stable and runs horizontally from the start of the test to its end. This indicates that there is no sudden increase in the SRT even with increased traffic.

The maximum SRT required was 98 ms with 25 active Virtual Users on the site, which is acceptable.

Pricing Plans and Servers

The company offers Linux, Windows as well as Dedicated servers. Linux servers have a starting price of USD $20.00, Windows starts at USD $25.00 and finally Dedicated servers start at USD $110.00.

Most servers offer SSD drives and also provide for Backup on demand.

It doesn’t seem to offer Shared servers yet. The company doesn’t offer any other products either.

Final Words

So that’s me signing off this LolekHosted review folks. If you ask for my personal verdict, I’d say the company is for those who’re seeking the least restrictions and most anonymity.

Although, security is where it lacks, or atleast lacks at documenting it. Hence, there’s no clear indication as to the security features provided by the company.

The speed performance however is more than impressive. Hence if you can compromise a bit with the security, it totally can be a good choice.

Do drop your own two cents on this LolekHosted review, or if you think there are better options out there at similar pricing.