KatzGlobal Offshore Hosting Service Review

KatzGlobal is one of the  oldest companies in the industry voicing for Anonymous, Offshore hosting. That been said, it keeps its boundaries pretty clear making it pretty professional and a privacy-oriented company rather than a crime-heaven. The company is the topic of this KatzGlobal review.

Note that we’ve not been compensated by KatzGlobal in any way for writing this review, it’s purely our personal endeavour for the purposes of bringing out its features to light.

Throughout this review we will subject the company to a number of tests, based on the results of which you may or may not add it to your list of potential offshore anonymous hosting companies.

Without further adieu, let’s get on with this KatzGlobal review.

KatzGlobal Overview

KatzGlobal claims to be providing anonymous offshore hosting since 1995, hence the extremely basic design that the website flaunts made me look further into it. It doesn’t use any fancy banners, sliders, popups or anything of that sort.

It simply displays all the important information on the site, using only texts. This to some extent signifies that the company doesn’t believe in eye-candies and rather values providing a better service.

Anyway here’s an overview of the company and the primary features it offers:

  • Primary URL: http://www.KatzGlobal.com/
  • Servers in: HongKong, Malaysia, Netherlands, USA
  • Payment methods: Cryptocurrencies + Fiats + Gold/Silver
  • Cheapest Plan: USD $9.95/month.
  • Servers: VPS, Dedicated.
  • DMCA Compliant: Yes
  • Content not allowed: Listed in the AUP section.

Offshore Locations

The countries any company offers servers from effects not just the speed or performance, but also control the “content” for the website.

KatzGlobal offers servers from:

  • USA
  • Hongkong
  • Netherlands
  • Malaysia.
  • Additionally, it also has mentioned having servers in India, China and Singapore and Australia. Servers from these countries too may be purchased.

This establishes the fact that you may cater to the server-requirements of your visitors regardless of where they’re from.


KatzGlobal is big on “anonymity and privacy”. But their anonymity is of a different kind, they may at times require users to use their real name and identity details. However the company claims to protect the data from “third-parties”.

Identity-Theft” is what KatzGlobal is mostly focused upon, and that’s a legitimate reason considering how over 11,587,118,203 leaks have been recorded since 2005 already! (Source: https://www.privacyrights.org/data-breaches)

KatzGlobal offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case of an identity-theft  resulting in data-leak from the company.

Although the company does accept payment in Cryptocurrencies (among other methods) which brings back some of the anonymity we may lose while registering on the platform.

*If you’re looking for supreme anonymity, you may refer to our Cyberbunker Review or LolekHosted review.

Acceptable Use Policy

 It basically is the policy/list/rules which govern the kind of content you may or may not upload on a company’s servers.

Note that KatzGlobal mentions it repeatedly that only “Legal” content can be uploaded on the site. Hence nothing illegal of any sort is allowed.

Additionally, it has a weird rule of applying the “same rules on all servers”. Which means that the same rules, policies which govern the content on its American servers, stay true for its offshore servers as well.

Hence even though it does offer multiple locations to choose from, if a content is illegal in America it probably will also be not allowed on those other servers.

As far as a “list” goes, they do not allow the following content on their servers:

  • Child Porn
  • Drugs
  • Unlicensed Software.
  • Hacking Tools.
  • Hate Sites.
  • Carding Forums and similar sites.
  • Spam

As far as “Gambling” sites go, it does allow them if you have a Casino license. Adult sites too are allowed but again compliance with 2257 regulations is required.

Auction sites are allowed as well although they’ll be subjected to a full review by the company and can be hosted only after approval.

Investments and Financial sites are only allowed if they aren’t a scam or a Ponzi scheme.

So in other words, the site isn’t as liberal as some other companies such as Cyberbunker  or PRQ as explained in this PRQ Hosting review, yet is acceptable to some extent.

Page Load-Time

How long does a website take to load on KatzGlobal? That’s what we will monitor in this test.

We’d run the test on the company’s homepage, i.e. http://www.katzglobal.com.  Here are the test-results:

Most of the locations such as  Washington D.C and Australia got us speeds as fast as 221ms (Verify) and 897ms (Verify results) respectively which is impressive.

Europe too only needed 539ms of load-time followed by Brazil requiring 724ms!  This proves that the overall load-time requirement for the KatzGlobal website is pretty impressive.

Although these results aren’t common, and similar welcoming results were only obtained for our Webuzo Hosting review or Webcare 360 review.

Although, this test was largely dependent on this specific URL’s code, content and time of test. So let’s accept the fact that the KatzGlobal homepage is extremely lightweight (less than 40KB), which may be one of the reasons for the impressive results.

So we’ll give the company another go in a fairer test which would depend less on the URL’s code and more on the server’s quality.

Server Response Time

The Server-Response time depends much less on “codes and scripts” of your sites, and more on the server’s response speed to a browser’s request.

This test would prove if KatzGlobal servers are indeed fast, or it was just the result of a well-coded and lower-sized page.

Here are the SRT test results for KatzGlobal (Verify):

Okay I’ll say it, these results are outright the best, or atleast the top 3 results I’ve ever seen in the 50+ SRT tests I’ve conducted so far.

With SRTs as low as 2ms for U.S and Canada, 7ms for Singapore, 1ms for Sydney these just couldn’t be any faster!

The slowest SRT is for Bangalore, and even that is just 193ms which is better than the “total average SRT” we’ve got for our CCI Hosting review!

SRT with Spiked Traffic

It’s all rainbows and flowers so far, just one last test to establish the stability of the SRT. I’ll simply send around 25 users to the website, and then we’ll monitor if the SRT remains the same, or extends to a longer requirement.

Here are the results from the test (Verify):

As is evident, the site doesn’t perform as impressive under pressure as it does when it’s without traffic.  Although it only needed 97ms even with 24 active users which is still impressive.

Payment Methods

As mentioned in the “Anonymity” section of this KatzGlobal review, the company offers anonymous modes of payments. Infact,  it accepts a number of “non-traditional” modes of payments in addition to accepting Fiats.

For starters,  Gold and Silver bullions (precious metals in any form such as Bars, ingots etc). are accepted. This mode is 100% anonymous and can’t be linked to a user in any way!

It even accepts “Bartering” and Cash! Although traditional methods such as Paypal and Money Orders are accepted.

And finally, it does accept Bitcoin if you’d like to pay using a Cryptocurrency.

Servers and Pricing

The company offers Shared, and Dedicated servers, VPS servers seem to be currently unavailable.

Shared servers start as low as USD $9.95/month although can go upto USD $19.95/month.

Dedicated servers have varying plans depending on the country the servers will be in. Although U.S.A servers start at USD $199.00/month, with an additional setup fee of USD $149.00.

These may go upto USD $399.00/month with a setup fee of USD $249.00 as well. Optional upgrades and Add-ons are available for Dedicated servers at additional prices.


So that’s all I had in my arsenal as far as this KatzGlobal review goes folks. If you ask me, the most impressive aspect of the company is its speed and the “not so impressive’ aspect being its AUP.

So if you’ll be hosting only “legal” content (legal in all the countries), KatzGlobal does seem like an approachable option.

Especially because it’s internationally present and provides servers from 7 countries. The payment modes too are pretty unique and do promote anonymity.

Even though it doesn’t have an auto-backup feature, it does state in its T&C that they may try to restore backups from their end as a gesture of good faith in certain situations.

Although it has its downsides as well, for e.g. the servers are a bit pricey. But hey, that’s just what I think and this KatzGlobal review has been written from a personal perspective based on tests and research.

Do let me know your opinion on this KatzGlobal review as well as what you think of the company.