IT Itch Review – Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe Located Server

Seldom do we come across companies which publicly support anonymity and privacy in an actual sense. Most offshore anonymous hosting companies aren’t exactly “anonymous” and hide behind the fine-print in their T&C. Fortunately, this IT Itch review brings something different.

If you’ve been through our Cyberbunker review, or  Anonymous Hosting review you’d notice that IT Itch too is a company offering similar if not the same amount of anonymity as those two companies.

Do note that we make these Bitcoin Hosting reviews extremely “transparent”. As in every data (speed test, SRT tests, and other statements) can be individually verified by you to be true. This ensures that these reviews aren’t biased or simply based on “opinion”.

Here are the primary questions we’d be answering in this IT Itch review:

IT Itch Overview

Let’s first get you an outline of the company and its primary features:

  • Primary URL:
  • Anonymity: 100%
  • Servers in: Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe.
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin + Fiats
  • Cheapest Plan: USD $33.00/month.
  • Servers: Shared, VPS, Dedicated.
  • DMCA Ignored: No.
  • Content not allowed: Check AUP Section.

Let’s dive deeper in this IT Itch review then?

Is IT Itch Anonymous?

IT Itch is a 100% anonymous Bitcoin Hosting company. It’s so because it clearly states- “WE DON’T WANT YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION”.

It also mentions “anonymous hosting” multiple times on its homepage, and stays true to the statement.

Unlike most other similar companies which have a mandatory rule of all registration data having to be true, IT Itch is completely against it.

Infact, it asks users to use Pseudonyms for names, address and other such personally identifiable information. This makes sure that the registration data can’t be linked to any user’s real-life identity in anyway.

The only required piece of information which has to be valid is an E-mail address. Again it only has to be “valid” and not your everyday, real, personally-identifiable mail.

Furthermore, it uses Bitcoin as its default mode of payment which makes sure the payment can’t be linked to a user’s identity either.

So in other words, if a users take care of their IP addresses (using a VPN) there’s literally nothing which can be traced back to them.

Where are IT Itch Servers Located?

After anonymity, it’s the server locations we should pay attention to, don’t you agree? Because obviously, unless you know where the servers are located you can’t be sure if they’re “offshore” or from your native country.

Then again, the location of the servers would decide what content you can or can’t upload in most cases as well.

Have you gone through our 100+ Bitcoin Hosting company Reviews?  If yes, you’d notice that at the time the company only mentioned “Three different secret locations” as the location for its servers.

Although it has since revealed that the servers are based out of:

  • Asia Pacific
  • North America
  • Europe.

It’s a nice range covering all the sides of the globe. And the servers aren’t assigned at random, rather can be chosen by users at will.

Although note all VPS locations were displayed as “North America”, so that probably is the only server-location available for VPS servers.

What Content Isn’t Allowed on IT Itch?

IT Itch is a safe-heaven for political journalists, whistleblowers, secret agents and so on. Although it shouldn’t be confused as a lawless enterprise, that’s pertaining to the fact that the company can only be used for “legal purposes”.

Hence, it does provide complete anonymity and security to identity, but not a license to host outright illegal content.

There is however a specific list of content which isn’t allowed, which includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Hacking related sites.
  • Gambling sites.
  • Pirated / Warez content.
  • Mailer Pro
  • Investment sites.
  • Image hosting sites etc.

We couldn’t find any mention of Child Porn, or Terrorism activities. However considering how they’re the definition of “illegal”, are probably banned as well.

Nothing is listed about “Adult Material” either on the company’s AUP. However we found a single mention of the same not absolutely stating, rather hinting slightly that it probably isn’t allowed either.

What are the Accepted Payment Modes?

As mentioned in the earlier sections, the company promotes anonymity but not only accepting but also encouraging payments via Bitcoin.

However it also does allow fiat payments. Even though it’ll kill user-anonymity, it may be preferred by some.

Fiat payments are limited to “Credit cards”. Even though it’s not a lot of options, it only goes on to emphasize the platform’s importance to Bitcoin as the mode of payment over cards.

Do IT Itachi Servers Perform Good?

Well we don’t know for sure, but we’ll find out. We’ll be testing through a number of tests to monitor and record the performance under different circumstances and for different factors.

Note that these tests are based on an assumption that is indeed hosted on their own servers (which should be the case generally). However there’s a chance it may not be true.

Page Load-Time Test

What will this test establish- The average load-time for sites hosted on the server, and the difference in the time-requirement based on different locations around the globe.

The obtained results weren’t impressive. The fastest load-time we got was for Tokyo, Japan (Asia) and even that was 3.65seconds! (Verify)

Other locations too such as San Francisco, Washington D.C, London needed 3.96seconds, 4.67seconds, 5.27 seconds respectively!

Now the page didn’t weigh a lot either and was just 530KB. But hey, maybe it was just poor optimization, time of test, or a temporary surge in traffic.

Let’s test the Servers’ Response Time to see if that’s true.

Server Response Time

What will this test establish- If the site gives us a fast SRT, it would mean the above results are individualistic, and won’t be the same for other sites on the server. If slow results are obtained, it would mean the servers probably are just slow.

That’s so because if a server has a longer response-time requirement, the site loads up slower in general. And this is applicable throughout the entire server and is not as much dependent on a specific URL.

Here’s are the results (verify):

Again, not very promising results. The average SRT was easily over 200ms, and it spiked upto as much as 725ms and 830ms for certain locations.

We’ve seen much faster results in our KatzGlobal Review, WebCare360 Hosting Review and many others. The numbers above are just acceptable at best.

SRT with Spiked Traffic

What would this test establish- The server’s performance and reaction when there’s a traffic-hike.

So we simply send 25 Virtual Users to the site as we do in all our Bitcoin Hosting review, and monitor the server’s performance. Here are the results (verify)

So the server required 226ms with 24 active V.Us on the site, this isn’t super-fast but acceptable. It also affirms to the fact that despite a traffic-surge, the site’s SRT-requirement doesn’t go up and remains the same.

What Types of Servers are Available, and for How Much?

Now for the final section of this IT Itch review, what exactly can be bought from the company?

Well a lot of things (domains, SSL certificates etc.) although we’d keep our focus aligned to its “servers”.

It sells all three kinds of most common servers, which are Shared Servers, VPS and Dedicated ones.

Shared Servers don’t seem to be available for monthly-billing, and start at USD $64.00/year going upto USD $96.00/year.

VPS starts at USD $33.00/month, and depending on the server specs goes upto USD $130.00/month. The Dedicated ones are obviously the most expensive servers, starting at USD $148.45/month and going upto USD $296.85/month.

Final Words

Wrapping this IT Itch review up, we can say that the company is arguably the most anonymous company in the industry.  It also offers servers from multiple locations ensuring an acceptable performance for visitors from any part of the world.

The AUP (content-policy) may not be completely liberal, however it’s as liberal as it can be without violating any laws.  So all in all, I do believe the company deserves a trial in the least, depending on which future affiliations/usage of the servers can be decided.

Do you, or don’t you agree with this IT Itch review? Do let us know in the comments.