Internet Solutions HK Hosting Review

This Internet Solutions HK review is for you if you’re looking for an offshore hosting company.

This doesn’t mean the  company is the best in the business. It simply means it’s another potential option you can explore.

As always,  we’ll be answering the following questions throughout this Internet Solutions HK review:

If you feel those questions resemble the doubts that you have in your find, read on.

Internet Solutions HK Overview

A quick glance at the most important, defining features of the company:

Let’s get you the details then?

Is Internet Solutions HK anonymous?

No, Internet Solutions HK may be an offshore hosting provider but it’s not exactly anonymous.

For starters, the registration form demands quite a few personally-identifiable details. This includes name, address, and even a phone number. All of which are mandatory.

Additionally, its T&C page mentions that it may at times demand documents for identity verification.

Also, it accepts both fiats and Cryptocurrencies for payments. So, your anonymity also depends on which mode you use to make your payments.

All in all, it’s not anonymous. You can peek at our Webcare 360 hosting review if anonymity is your primary requirement.

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Does Internet Solutions HK provide offshore servers?

Do you live in Hong Kong? If you don’t, then yes, it does provide offshore hosting servers.

In fact, it’s one of the primary USPs it sells itself on. It mentions on its homepage how its servers are offshore and “committed to protecting your privacy.”.

So, as the name hints, the servers are located in Hong Kong. That’s the only server-location available. If you go through the “Acceptable Use Policy” discussed below, you’d see how the location actually serves its offshore purposes.

You can go through our KatzGlobal hosting review or Evoluso hosting review if you need an offshore hosting company with multiple offshore server locations.

What is the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on Internet Solutions HK?

The AUP is just a list which tells us what content is and isn’t accepted on a hosting server.

Offshore servers mean nothing without the right AUP.  This is because despite offshore locations, if a company complies to “global laws”, you can’t upload content which is illegal in your country anyway.

Fortunately, the T&C page for Internet Solutions HK clearly mentions that it only abides by the laws of “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China”.

In short, if it’s legal in Hong Kong and/or China, you’re free to upload the content. Unfortunately though, China isn’t exactly one of the most liberal countries when it comes to freedom of expression, opinion and other such rights.

Apart from this, there also is a restriction-list. Content which just isn’t allowed, regardless of any other laws. The restriction list includes:

  • Porn
  • Racial discrimination
  • Terrorism-related content
  • Copyrighted content
  • Anti-country/religion/race content
  • Pirated /Copyrighted content (when you don’t own the rights)
  • Hacking programs
  • Online gambling sites etc.

Hence, I’d not say Internet Solutions HK may not be the most liberal offshore hosting provider, but well, it’s still an acceptable choice.

You should check our Offshoreracks hosting review for a less-conservative hosting solution.

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What are the accepted payment modes?

This contributes a big deal to the overall anonymity, doesn’t it? Well, fortunately, Internet Solutions HK accepts fiats, as well as Cryptocurrencies.

Obviously, Cryptocurrencies are the more anonymous, better choices. In fact, it accepts over 50 different Cryptocurrencies.

You can pay with BTC, ETH, LTC and most other Cryptocurrencies which you either hold, or have heard of.

Fiat online payments can be made via Credit cards, PayPal, WeChat Pay, and AliPay. However, it also accepts offline payments via China Mainland Bank and HSBC.

So, payment modes at the least  wouldn’t be your identity-leak (if you use Cryptocurrencies).

Does Internet Solutions HK offer a free trial?

Well, I haven’t seen many hosting companies offer a free trial. Have you? Fortunately (and surprisingly), this company does.

Well, yes. There’s a 100% free 7-day trial which can be availed by anyone. You do not need to share your card details. All you need is an E-mail ID.

The only condition is that if the plan isn’t upgraded before the trial period is up, the account is terminated.

No matter what I say in this Internet Solutions HK review, you can always grab that free trial and verify the facts yourself. Pretty handy, right?

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Which contact modes are available?

If you’re a live-chat fan, you’ll be disappointed. None of that’s available. However, there’s a phone number you can use to get in touch with the team.

Moreover, there are two separate contact forms available. One for the technical and the other for the billing department.

Although, the response times wouldn’t be particularly impressive. Especially considering these are E-mail forms.

What are the available pricing plans and packages?

Well, Internet Solutions HK is for everyone. Meaning, they sell Shared, VPS and also Cloud servers.

Shared servers start at $6.00/month . Although, if you go with the $9.00/month or the $15.00/month plan, you also get a free domain. The bandwidth isn’t unlimited and is 15GB, 30GB and 60GB for all three plans respectively.

Cloud servers have a starting price of $9.90/month. Other two more expensive plans cost $14.90/month and $19.90/month. All the plans offer unlimited bandwidth.

VPS servers start at $30.00/month. They go upto $500.00/month depending on the configurations you require. For the VPS, you get to choose from CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu for the OS.

Do note that these are the “billed-monthly” prices mentioned above. If you choose to pay yearly, you can save over 15% on the plans (may differ depending on the exact server type and package).

If you’re a looking for Dedicated servers however, you’ll be disappointed. Well, not completely.  Just check our Orange Hosting review or CCI Hosting review. They do have pretty good Dedicated servers.

I’ve already mentioned in this Internet Solutions HK review that the company offers a 7-day free trial. However, if you go with the paid plans, you’re also covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Now, honestly? I don’t suppose it gets better than this. A free trial, and a refund policy. Perfect, isn’t it?

Internet solutions HK Pros and Cons

Let’s just quickly list what impressed us most and what we believe needs improvement, eh?


  • Hong Kong-based offshore servers
  • Cheap entry-points
  • Anonymous payment modes available


  • No live-chat
  • Not anonymous.

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Internet Solutions HK- Final verdict

So, is Internet Solutions HK one of the best offshore anonymous hosting companies? Let’s scratch the bit about “anonymous”, eh? It’s not.

But as far as offshore servers go, I’d say it qualifies. Doesn’t it? Because not only geographically, but also legally only the laws of Hong Kong are applicable on your content. So, clearly a good offshore choice.

Payment modes are anonymous as well. It even offers free domains on most of its plans. However, the 7-day free trial and then the 30-day refund policy on top just seal the deal, don’t they?

In my opinion, it’s acceptable on multiple fronts.

But hey, once you leave this Internet Solutions HK review, I’d like you to form your own opinion. That you can do by giving it a try. There’s nothing to lose, so go on, get that website up.