Impreza Host Review

Searching for one of the best offshore anonymous webhosting companies? You wouldn’t be disappointed once you’re through this Impreza Host review.

Seldom do we find a company which ticks most if not all the boxes required for offshore anonymous hosting, and Impreza Host totally is one of them.

Generally, there always is a compromise even with the best anonymous webhosting companies. Either you don’t get the locations you need, or the anonymity and privacy is lost. With Impreza Host none of that happens. It satisfies both the aspects of our requirement, i.e. impressive locations and extreme anonymity.

That’s not all, the company also offers .onion (Tor) hosting which further grants it an edge over its competitors.

Anyway, slide through the following questions, these are exactly what we’re covering in this Imprza Host review:

Impreza Host at a glance

An overview of the company enlisting all its primary features helping you decide if the company is worth your time:

  • Primary URL:
  • Onion URL: http://v7avmdv2l6dio3cg.onion/
  • Server Location: U.S, Romania, Ireland, Finland.
  • Payment methods: Cryptocurrencies + Fiat
  • Cheapest Plan: USD $3.95/month.
  • Servers: Shared / VPS / Dedicated.
  • Content not allowed: Listed in the AUP section.

If the list above seems acceptable, do go through the fine-print on this Impreza Host review.

Is Impreza Host anonymous?

Ah, that it totally is! Infact it’s a lot more anonymous than a number of other companies which just “claim” to be so but actually aren’t. It’s based in Seychelles so that’s a good start.

Then, the company also has a “Tor” URL (.onion). Meaning, even before you visit the website, your IP addresses can be hidden if you use the Tor browser.

Then, it clearly mentions that it’ll never ask for documents whatsoever. No KYC-verification of any kind. Your name, address, and all other personally-identifiable data is never required.

All it requires is an E-mail ID to signup and start using the servers. And even the E-mail ID doesn’t need to be verified. One of its tagline says “Main choice for hidden services” which reiterates its stand on user-anonymity.

We’ve rarely come across companies with this level of anonymity, a couple of them are mentioned in our Cyber Bunker review and Lalek Hosted review.

All in all, even if the company someday wanted to identity you, or cooperate with third-parties it wouldn’t be able to do so. Simply because it doesn’t have any information to begin with.

Is Impreza Host offshore?

In the above section on this Impreza Host review, we’ve established it’s anonymous. But a lot of its content-policies depend on the server locations, doesn’t it? Moreover, while all of the best anonymous offshore hosting companies we share are offshore, some simply offer more locations than others.

Impreza Host is one such company. It offers three primary server locations to choose from:

  • Romania
  • Iceland
  • Finland.

Note that it also offers U.S servers. But something tells me you rather wouldn’t go for those.  Its datacenters are located in the U.S, Provo (Utah), Iceland, Finland and Romania.

So without doubt, Impreza Host is an offshore hosting company. Or you could peek at our CCI Hosting review for Panama servers, or maybe you need servers from Costa Rica? Our Rack Nation review totally caters to that as well.

What content isn’t allowed on Impreza Host? (AUP)

The entire point of us seeking servers offshore is for their content-allowance, isn’t it? Because the content we wish to upload can’t be uploaded from our native countries.

Even Impreza Host’s AUP (Acceptable Content Policy) is unique. It has quite a few restrictions on its clearnet server (those used to host clearnet domains).

For e.g. it can only be used for “legal purposes”. It can’t be used for Gaming or Auction sites. It also confirms to DMCA rules and doesn’t allow copyrighted content. Download-based websites, phishing sites, hacks, cracks, viruses, investment sites etc. aren’t allowed either.

Although what’s unique is, these Terms and Conditions do not apply to its “Tor” servers! And, there’s no AUP of any kind available on the Tor version of the site whatsoever.

But we did find it stating multiple times that the servers can be used “as you wish” and that they support “freedom of speech and expression”. Another statement was found which read, and I quote “we do not monitor anything”.

All of these point to the fact that, while the clearnet servers have legal obligations the Tor servers offer a lot more liberty.

However note that their T&C also states that they’ll willingly cooperate with Law Enforcement Agencies provided the need arises.

Bottomline, Impreza Host offers extreme anonymity and liberty for the most part. However, the actual level of anonymity you exercise depends on each individual’s precautionary habits. For e.g. if you use an anonymous E-mail ID, and an anonymous payment method (and maybe Tor + VPN )the company can actually be a pretty good service to your needs.

How can you make payments on Impreza Host?

Considering how Impreza Host markets itself heavily as an anonymous hosting provider it accepts both Fiat as well as Cryptocurrency payments. Infact, it emphasizes making payments in Crypto rather than in Fiats.

The accepted Cryptocurrencies are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum and many others.

Although if for some reason you wish to forfeit the anonymity and go with traditional fiat modes, the following are accepted:

  • PayPal
  • Cards (via PayPal).
  • Bank transfers
  • Boleto Bancario
  • Mercado Pago.

So regardless of your preference, you probably wouldn’t have a lot of trouble paying on the platform.

How good is Impreza Host uptime?

The company publishes its uptime report publicly. It’s monitored by a third-party uptime monitor- Uptime Robot.

According to the report, it sure had downtime but never exceeding 1%.  This proves that their 99% uptime guarantee isn’t without substance.

*Note: We generally conduct a number of other tests. But Impreza Host routes its traffic via a CDN, as a result of which no test would be accurate and hence had to be skipped.

What services and plans are offered?

Impreza Host offers a number of services, including but not limited to .onion domains, Tor hosting, clearnet hosting, Sitelock, Codeguard, E-mail suits etc.

But for the scope of this Impreza Host review, we’ll limit ourselves to its servers. All three of the primary server-types are offered viz. a viz. Shared, VPS and Dedicated ones.

Shared servers have a starting price of USD $3.95, and go up to USD $5.95/month. VPS servers have varying prices depending on the server-configurations, as well as their locations.

Anyway, they start the lowest available plan is for USD $30.00/month, while the highest is USD $120.00/month.

Dedicated plans have a price-bracket from USD $63.00/month to USD $390.00/month. However note that these servers only seem to be available from the U.S.

On top of all this, you can also opt for Tor-optimized servers. They start at USD $8.00/month, with the most expensive plan priced at USD $75.00/month. There’s an additional USD $25.00 setup fee on each package.

Most plans include a free DDoS protection.

Is Impreza Host support good?

That it is not. We always prefer companies with a readily available live-chat and Impreza Host doesn’t offer one. Not atleast if you aren’t a registered user/client.

If you’re someone who needs frequent support, we urge you to go through our Bulletproof Hosting review or Delta Host review.

A number of contact options “technically” are available with Impreza Host, which include Whatsapp, Telegram, Threema, Wickr, and E-mail. (We tried their Telegram, the response-time wasn’t very impressive).

Final Verdict:

Let’s conclude this Impreza Host review then? As far as anonymity and privacy go, it deserves full marks without doubt. Its support for freedom of expression and speech does make it a good offshore server company.

The AUP for clearnet servers isn’t the most liberal, but isn’t extremely conservative either. The payment methods further ensure anonymity making sure users get a completely anonymous mode of payment.

The servers too are based out of privacy-friendly countries. All in all, it’s a company totally worth a try and then you may or may not make a final commitment based on your experience.

Do use the comment-box on this Impreza Host review and let us know what you think of the company?