1. Definitions

The following words/phrases appearing anywhere on this page (agreement link) indicate their meaning as mentioned in clause 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 for all intents and purposes of this agreement.

  • We/Us/Our – Any person, in anyway responsible with the functioning of this website. This includes, but isn’t limited to the Content creators, Editors, Graphic Designers, Researchers, Testers, Administrators etc.
  • You/Your – The person who visits this website or consumes/uses/understands any information available in any form on this website https://bestbitcoinhostingservice.com .
  • This Website – The entirety of content available in any form, on any page/subdomain/popup/ and E-mail newsletter(s) on, on behalf of, or sent from https://bestbitcoinhostingservice.com .
  • Third-Party – Any other website except https://bestbitcoinhostingservice.com, which may or may not be linked (hyperlinked/clickable link) from this website either directly or indirectly.

2. Pre-Requisites to Use this Website

Before using any information (textual/graphic or in any other form) available on this website in any way, you agree and confirm to all the clauses on this agreement completely.

If you do not agree to all the clauses on this agreement, please leave this website immediately. Note that Partial agreement (agreeing to some clauses, but not agreeing to others) is not acceptable.

  • You are atleast of 18 years old, or of the legal age required in your country/jurisdiction to enter into legally binding contracts.
  • You understand that this is a legally binding agreement (Terms and Conditions/ “T&C”)entered and agreed upon by Us and You.

3. Uses/Intention(s) of This Website

  • The sole and only purpose of this website is to share what we think of the mentioned third-parties, which may or may not always be Hosting companies.
  • The intention/purpose of any content available on this website is never to harm, undermine or negate the reputation/authority/popularity of any third-party mentioned anywhere on this website.
  • As a visitor/reader, You agree to only use the information available on this website as additional data to understand any involved third-party from “our” point of view.
  • You agree to not let the information available on this website impact your idea/image/impression of any third-party mentioned on this website.

4. Accuracy of Data and Tests

  • The data mentioned/presented anywhere on this website is true as far as “our” knowledge goes.
  • Our knowledge may be a result of limited, misinterpreted, partially-understood or wrongly understood information.
  • All the tests mentioned on this website including but not limited to Speed tests, Uptime Tests, SRT Tests are completely and solely dependent on the website URL being tested.
  • The Website URL being tested at times may be completely unrelated to the server being tested, in which case the obtained results may be completely wrong.
  • The tests are performed on third-party websites, using third-party testing tools and third-party platforms. We hold absolutely no control over these websites/tools /platforms. At times, any of these may malfunction and provide false results.
  • The tests are largely dependent on various variables, including but not limited to Time of test, Location of Test, Server-load during test, Test-tool being used etc. which may further result in wrong and inaccurate results.
  • We do not claim the data available on this site to be universally true due to all the variables which the tests depends upon, and our lack of control on those variables.
  • In cases of clause 5.4. being true, the presented data may be biased or tailored for a positive impact.
  • The prices/services and all other aspects of any third-parties mentioned on this website are not controlled by us, and hence they may change or be completely removed as seen fit by the authorities/individuals capable of making changes on those third-party platforms.

5. Link Disclaimer

  • This website mentions and lists various links to multiple services/companies/organizations etc. upon which we exert or hold absolutely no control.
  • We do not guarantee the functioning of any links available on this website. They may or may not work.
  • The links may not always be accurate or true to the context they’ve been mentioned in.
  • The inclusion/addition of links/third-parties to this website may be at times (not always) a result of promised/delivered financial or any other kind of gain for us.
  • Any link/third-party mentioned on this website does not indicate our endorsement, support for the said link/third-party. Neither does it indicate our reprisal in any way.

6. Copyrights

  • We neither hold nor claim Copyright(s) over any content on this website, except those appearing in a “TEXTUAL FORM” explicitly in the form of complete articles .
  • Images/Graphics/Company Logos may be used to better represent the said company/organization.
  • We never intentionally breach Copyright laws. Although, if you believe you or your company/organization holds Copyright over any content on this website, please email us at admin@bestbitcoinhostingservice.com and we will make adjustments to the content accordingly.
  • You are not allowed to use any part of this website directly anywhere else, without prior written consent from us.

7. Limitations of Liability

  • Nothing published/mentioned/presented on this website should be taken as an advise/encouragement/endorsement for any kind of actions, financial or non-financial, including but not limited to purchasing of hosting servers.
  • We hold no responsibility if your investment does not bring you the results as promised by us, or as mentioned anywhere on this website in accordance with Section 4 of this agreement.
  • You hereby agree to indemnify Us/ bestbitcoinhostingservice.com/ https://bestbitcoinhostingservice.com and hold us completely harmless for Financial, or any other kind of losses which may arise as a direct or indirect result of this website.

8. Changes and Applicable Law

  • These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time on our sole discretion.
  • These T&C are governed by Global laws. Regardless of your country/citizenship, you must agree to every single/individual clause on this T&C in order to be allowed to use this website.

If you do not understand any clause on this agreement, please leave us an E-mail at admin@bestbitcoinhostingservice.com, but do not proceed to use this website in any way before understanding this agreement, or receiving a reply from us via E-mail for the E-mail sent by you.