Anonymous Hosting Review – Netherlands Hosted Server

This will an Anonymous Hosting review! The statement is one of dual nature, as in we’ll be reviewing a company which claims to provide Anonymous Hosting like all of the other companies on this site. And the name of the company is “Anonymous Hosting” as well.

Why you may need an Anonymous offshore hosting server may have various reasons. Some users need it simply because of conservative laws in their own countries (e.g. Atheism in Saudi Arabia), free-speech, anti-political opinions may be other reasons.

However I’ve seen users using these servers completely for illegal purposes (Drug peddling, under-age pornography etc). That isn’t something we encourage or support in anyway but we’ve seen it happen.

Hence the goal of this Anonymous Hosting review is simply to research, discover and analyze the features and potential of this specific company and answer the following questions:

Anonymous Hosting Overview

This Overview should help you understand the overall features the company offers:

  • Primary URL:
  • Servers in: Netherlands
  • Payment methods: Cryptocurrencies + Fiats
  • Cheapest Plan: EUR 2.95/month.
  • Servers: Shared, VPS.
  • Content not allowed: Please refer to the AUP Section.

How Anonymous is Anonymous Hosting?

The name hints at the fact that the primary goal of the company’s existence is to provide Anonymous hosting.

Which fortunately is true.

The company’s homepage states that they only require a “Valid E-mail Address” for the hosting to be purchased.

Then, it also has been mentioned on another page that the E-mail address can be completely fake/temporary and they care not.

Additionally, their Privacy Policy mentions that at no times, under no circumstances will they collect personal or business information from a customer.

In case such information is disclosed either intentionally or unintentionally, the company claims to protect it under all circumstances.

As far as payments go, it has one of the most wide variety of payment modes, both Crypto and Fiats.

So in a nutshell, the company is one of the most Anonymous offshore hosting companies almost in the league of Cyberbunker if judged solely by its “Anonymity policies”.

Where are the Anonymous Hosting servers Located?

It’s anonymous, granted. But are the servers in a privacy-friendly region as well? Seems like they are.

It offers servers from Netherlands. The servers boast pretty advanced configurations, such as being capable of hosting over 40,000 Dedicated servers, adequate fuel supply in case of a power-cut, 6 x 750Kva UPS Battery Backup and so on.

As far as the country goes, Netherlands without doubt is one of the most desirable locations for any offshore anonymous hosting companies.

What Content Can’t be hosted on Anonymous Hosting? (AUP)

So far, it has been established as being anonymous as well as in a favourable region.

Going by those values, the company should allow hosting of most content, shouldn’t it?

Well fortunately it does. It has a very comprehensive and definitive list of content which isn’t allowed on the servers, which are:

  • Child Porn
  • Hacking Tools.
  • Pirated/Unlicensed software.
  • Animal Pain/Violence sites.
  • Phishing
  • viruses

It’s mentioned that “ANY type of content except” the above list is allowed. However this is contradicted in another statement which says – “If it is illegal, then please do not use our services”.

So this means the sentence allowing “any type of content except” the list only applies to “legal” content. Nothing illegal can be hosted on the servers.

The “legality” seems to be confined to the laws of Seychelles. Hence anything which is legal in the region can be uploaded regardless of it being or not being legal in other countries.

What are the Payment Methods Accepted on Anonymous Hosting?

As mentioned in one of the sections above on this Anonymous Hosting review, it offers quite a few anonymous methods for users to pay for the services.

The platform accepts over 70 Cryptocurrencies as its mode of payment. And Cryptocurrencies as you probably already know, isn’t as traceable as fiat payments.

Some of the accepted currencies are:

  • Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Monero, Tether, DASH, Ethereum, And many more.

Although if you’d like to pay using traditional, traceable yet easier and simpler methods, it does accept Fiat payments via:

  • Paypal
  • Perfect money
  • And Credit/Debit cards (via Paypal).

How good is the Performance of Anonymous Hosting Servers?

The features seem all well and good, but they’re worth it only if the servers have an acceptable performance. Don’t you agree?

Well to test just that, we’ll be conducting a number of tests on them, and share the results with you folks in an extremely transparent and independently verifiable manner.

 Page Load-Time Test

For starters, we’ll only monitor how long a basic webpage takes to load on Anonymous Hosting servers.

We’d be conducting the test on this URL – .

To make sure this review is unbiased, we’d mention the fastest as well as the slowest load-time that we got for the site.

The fastest load-time was from London (375ms) (Verify), while Japan and Australia had a load-time of 3.32s (Verify) and 4.22 seconds respectively (Verify).

The results were mostly impressive for most regions, apart from the ones which were at a larger distance from Netherlands.

If you’d like to compare these results with some other companies, feel free to glance through our Lolek Hosted Review, WeBuzo Review or any of the other Anonymous Hosting Reviews we’ve compiled over here.

Server Response Time

The above results are exclusively URL-based. Meaning different websites will have very different results on the same server, based on the content of the websites.

Hence, we will conduct another test called the Server Response Time test. This test is dependent more on a server’s performance and less on a website’s content.

This test will also help us gauge if the servers are really as fast as the test above shows, or the truth differs.

Here are the SRT results obtained for Anonymous Hosting servers (Verify):

As is evident, the results aren’t that impressive. They’re just hardly acceptable with an average SRT of around 208ms.

Which proves that the impressive Page load-time results obtained above were only because the website we tested was a very low-sized page without a lot of scripts and images.

SRT with Spiked Traffic

The SRT obtained above even though isn’t impressive, is acceptable for now. But will it remain acceptable even when there’s a traffic-surge on your websites? That’s what this test will establish.

We will use a tool called LoadImpact to send 25 Virtual Users to the website. These VUs will demand resources and attention from the server just as a normal , real-human user would.

And the SRT-line would show us how stable the server’s response time remains (or skyrockets maybe?).

Here are the results (verify):

This test is consistent with the results obtained in the above SRT test, with an average SRT requirement of 513 ms.

Even the lowest SRT required was 326ms, while the highest being 644ms.

We’ve seen speed as fast as 2ms (average) in our KatzGlobal review, or even the somewhat slower Orange Hosting Review yielded better results.

It may totally be possible that the server was temporarily slow, or the time of our test wasn’t the best hence let’s not get all absolute and keep an open mind.

Which Servers are Available on Anonymous Hosting?

As far as the availability of server goes, the company offers both Shared and VPS servers.

There are two kinds of Shared servers available, the standard Shared hosting, and the “low-cost shared hosting”.

The cheapest plan can be purchased for 2.95 EUR /month while more expensive standard plans may go as high as 29.95 EUR/month.

VPS plans start at 29.95 EUR/month and go upto 49.95 EUR/month.

Final Words on

If you ask for my personal verdict on this Anonymous Hosting review, I’d say it’s for those who’d prioritise Anonymity over performance.

Even then, the performance isn’t completely devastating. It’s just that we’ve seen better servers is why these results may seem not very encouraging at the moment.

Anyway, the anonymity policies, payment methods and server-locations are still A+. So you probably should give it a try, or atleast test the performance manually at the time of making of a decision.

That’ll be all for this Anonymous Hosting review folks. Let us know if we covered all the questions you’d normally ask about the company. If some remain, make use of the comment box and we’ll make ourselves useful.